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At J&J Legal we provide the solve for all your real estate needs. We offer dedicated representation to buyers and sellers in residential and commercial transactions. From contract negotiation to closing, we offer the convenience of having it all in one place—providing attorney representation, serving as a closing agent, and issuing title insurance. At J&J Legal, our attorneys are also licensed real estate agents. This allows us to offer comprehensive real estate services, including assistance with:

Residential and commercial transactions: We represent clients in all aspects of real estate purchase, sale and lease transactions. This includes negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts and leases, performing a title search, providing title insurance, resolving title issues, disbursing funds appropriately and representing clients at closings.

Landlord-tenant transactions: We represent landlords and tenants in all types of landlord tenant issues, including drafting and reviewing lease agreements, sublease disputes, cancellation or renewal of a lease, evictions, tenant background checks, and resolving security deposit disputes.

For Sale By Owner transactions: We can assist you in sell your home. A for sale by owner transaction provides numerous advantages, including control over all decisions, the ability to take your home off the market at any time, and not having to pay a broker a fee. We can assist you in this process by advising you as to what defects you are legally required to disclose to a buyer, drafting necessary contracts, performing title searches, and providing title insurance.

Property Management: We assist in property management for those landlords who don’t have time to do so or live out of the area. This includes drafting contracts, collecting rent, performing background checks on tenants, coordinating repairs and improvements to the property and handling tenant evictions.

To discuss the specifics of your real estate needs, contact J&J Legal today and schedule a consultation with one of our real estate attorneys. For your convenience, we offer after hours and weekend appointments.

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