Purchase & Sale Contracts

A purchase and sale agreement is a written contract signed by the buyer and seller stating the terms and conditions under which a property will be sold—specifying how disputes will be resolved, which party bears financial responsibility for property defects and losses, what happens in cases of financial default, possession of the property through closing, and a variety of other terms. At J&J Legal we understand real estate contracts are often complex, confusing, and hard to read, making it difficult for many buyers and sellers to understand the rights and liabilities associated with a transaction. A properly drafted Purchase and Sale Agreement is essential to protecting your assets and our experienced attorneys will explain the details and ensure a contract is narrowly tailored to your interests. There are many factors we consider beyond the boilerplate language found in many online forms.

Residential Purchase & Sale Agreements

All too often, residential homebuyers believe the standard Purchase & Sale Agreements provided by a realtor will protect their interests. In many cases, these forms do not account for specific aspects of the sale that may be unique or unanticipated. J&J Legal is dedicated to making the purchase of your home a positive experience, without delays or hidden expenses that were not previously disclosed and/or included in the contract of sale. We work with buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transaction. If you are selling real estate, we review Purchase & Sale Contracts for contingencies that are not in your best interests, financing red flags, and other unfavorable terms. For buyers, we ensure the Purchase & Sale Contract includes contingencies you need to make the purchase, develop financing language, outline buyer responsibilities, and perform a title search to ensure there are no hidden obstacles to delay or prevent the sale.

Commercial Purchase & Sale Agreements

Commercial real estate transactions involve sophisticated issues, with statutory, regulatory, and municipal requirements and limitations and are therefore are more complex than residential transactions. Purchase prices are usually much higher and there are several other issues that must be addressed to ensure a smooth and successful transaction—from the condition of the property to valuation based on occupancy, to appropriate land use and zoning compliance. If you are involved in the purchase or sale of commercial property, you need an experienced attorney on your side to advocate and advance your interests and protect your assets.

At J&J Legal, we work with buyers and sellers at all stages of the transaction, putting our extensive experience to work to ensure that all pertinent issues are fully addressed and the interests of our clients are protected. Our lawyers are responsive and accessible, providing the personal service clients expect from a boutique firm. Beyond purchase contract drafting and review, we assist clients with a variety of other commercial real estate matters, including:

  • Negotiations and closings
  • Due diligence matters
  • Financing and lending agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Preparation of tenant estoppel certificates
  • Mechanics’ liens

If you are involved in the purchase or sale of real estate it is essential to have an attorney who can anticipate potential issues before they become a significant obstacle to your real estate transaction. Contact J&J Legal for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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